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Process improvement

One of our facilitators is a process improvement specialist and works in an innovative, experiential, azesta style way with Six Sigma and lean methodologies to help organisations improve their efficiency.

The methodologies we use are really effective because we…

  • Share them in an engaging & interactive way ‘if our energy/passion is low… our message won’t go!’
  • Discuss them in context ‘using your process problems as the case studies’
  • Bring them to life as a tool chest ‘if you see every problem as a nail, your improvement tool chest will only ever contain a hammer!’
  • Connect the learning to the delivery of tangible business benefits ‘the transfer of learning only truly happens when learning has an immediate ‘project’ based application’

Our approach to bringing Six Sigma and lean to life receives great feedback – people who attend workshops consistently rate them amongst the best they have ever attended, but more importantly, they go on to deliver tangible & meaningful improvements to their working practices & business processes.