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metalog tools

Our programmes have a real focus on experiential learning and our favourite learning tools are made by Metalog. We are the sole UK seller of Metalog Tools and run monthly open workshops around the country working with trainers to help them understand of how best to use experiential learning tools.
Metalog is a German company who have been producing training and development activites for a decade. The products are carefully designed with precise outcomes in mind by Tobi and Erwin Voss.   Metalog products are often imitated, but only Metalog have the exacting design and quality construction that ensures that every time you use Metalog, you are assured of great training results.  All Metalog learning tools are fantastic for developing teamwork and putting a team’s skills under the microscope but they can also do much more. Metalog tools can facilitate a complete development day including team diagnostics, team skills training, reviewing tools and action planning.
Come and join us on a workshop to have a play with the learning activities and to learn more about experiential learning theory and effective reviewing!