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Customer services

We all want our customers to say great things about us but that depends how well you treat them. Our programme will show your staff how to provide exceptional service in all their customer dealings making a real difference to the way people feel about your business.

Before we even begin to design your programme, we take time to get to know your business – we ask questions and sometimes shadow people at their work to discover at first hand the challenges they face day-to-day! During the programme itself, we can then use carefully chosen activities (often with an unexpected twist!) to explore everyone’s personal style and how they can adapt it to give amazing service.

Of course, whoever comes on one of our programmes becomes our customer so we can show exactly what we mean by superlative service!

leftqThe balance between experiential outdoor activities and classroom based learning ensured that participants were challenged to the extreme without ever losing sight of the fact that their own development was at the core of everything they did. Their growth as individuals and as a team over the course of three intensive days was evident.rightq

Denis Poole, Building Automation Solutions